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Don’t let the Department Of Transportation regulations create a stranglehold on your efficiency. Turn to Sequential’s team in Atlanta for DOT drug screening.


Our high-tech, automated programs have made us the industry’s leading Third Party Administrator (TPA). We’ve changed the way businesses handle drug and alcohol testing. We’ll help your organization, too, with certified DOT testing from our Atlanta-based team. You’ll reduce the costs of your DOT drug screen program. We’ll automate your program compliance through our online suite of screening, collection and management services.

Sequential Management Group’s unique suite of products and services will positively impact your workplace drug testing program. Your benefits from our team’s DOT drug test services in Atlanta will include:

Technology-Enabled Randoms Compliance

Our automated system incorporates online event scheduling, donor tracking, test status, built-in compliance reports and escalations, random test scheduling, and easy DOT MIS report generation.

​Manage Your Random Drug Screen Program With Easy, Automated Convenience.
Ensuring your compliance with random drug and alcohol testing takes time—often lots of time. Time that you could spend on other, more productive activities. 

That’s where Sequential’s Atlanta DOT drug screening services come in. Now you can get back your time and spend it doing more productive things! With Sequential, our Enterprise Random Tool automates the drug-testing administration process through a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, integrated application. This app links the supervisor, manager, collection site, laboratory, and MRO while allowing you to monitor and control random drug screen events via our web-based program management tool, 

Following your guidelines, our system automatically cycles through donor names to choose appropriate candidates for random drug selection testing. It then automatically notifies managers whose staff members’ names have been pulled and provides details to the donor. Online management escalation tools are available to manage compliance proactively. The system even provides tools to manage unavailable employees and automatically assign alternate donors. Our random selection software allows you to oversee each aspect of the process, from the first stage of random drug selection through the moment the system sends you results.

Plus, you can generate reports whenever you need them, 24/7-365. You’ll never again have to worry whether you are meeting the requirements of random drug compliance because our DOT drug screening services from our Atlanta lab tracks your status for you.

Do you have 49 or fewer employees that you’d like to include in a random program? No problem! Our Random Consortiums might be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Learn more about how Sequential’s easy, efficient random selection program can help you manage your DOT drug test in the Atlanta area or nationwide more easily and efficiently.

Request details from one of our representatives.

Read more about the benefits of our DOT drug screening program.

Nationwide Network of Collection Sites

As an employer required to meet DOT regulations, you have specific needs. Those requirements become more complicated when you have field offices all over the country. You need nationwide collection site management for your drug screening program.

Sequential is an Atlanta-based DOT drug screening company that has developed a nationwide network of occupational health providers who understand your DOT requirements. In fact, the Sequential Occupational Health Network is one of the largest networks of clinics in the country—a network that is growing every day. We include more than 2,000 service locations, and more than 1,000 of our clinic locations are equipped with FormFox chain of custody software. These clinics can perform lab-based specimen collections, breath alcohol tests, physical exams, and other services you need to meet your DOT drug test requirements.

Our nationwide collection-provider network ensures that you have the clinic coverage you need no matter how many employees you test and no matter how far across the country they are spread.

Advantages of the Sequential Provider Network include:

  • Nationwide collection sites for expanded coverage.

  • The option to create a customized collection network to meet your specific program’s needs.

  • Onsite drug testing collections 24/7.


Clinics that offer a comprehensive choice of services, including drug screens, BATs, wellness programs, paramedical physical, and DOT physicals.


To learn more about Sequential’s offerings—including DOT drug testing program management and health and wellness program, and paramedical physicals management—contact us at 866.563.5557.

​As an employer required to meet DOT regulations, you can rely on Sequential’s coast-to-coast and global network of clinics to provide the consistent, accessible collection site choices you need.

Technology-Enabled Physicals Compliance

With scheduled physicals, driver qualification file management, and medical review, Sequential offers multiple products to better automate state and federal compliance.

Fill out our contact form now! Once submitted, a Sequential professional will contact you to discuss your inquiry.

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