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Drug Free Work Place


Providing the world’s most reliable AABB accredited testing since 1985. One of the oldest and most experienced laboratories, providing DNA testing, expert witness and consulting services. Sequential had performed DNA forensic analyses in thousands of cases and for hundreds of offender samples. We assist the federal, state, and local crime laboratories throughout the country. Sequential offers a full range of human DNA identity testing technologies including STR, Y-STR, mitochondrial, and SNP analysis. Our services include evidence screening, DNA analysis, and pre and post-analysis client support. All of our services meet or exceed the applicable requirements of our independent accrediting agencies.

Sequential DNA Testing Solutions offer:

  • Results in 3-5 working days

  • Strict procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results

  • Chain of Command protocol to ensure legally admissible results

  • Confidentiality

  • Convenient appointments close to your home or office


A Sequential medical professional will use sterile swabs to collect saliva samples from the inside of the cheeks of the mother, father, and child. The collected samples will be sent to a paternity testing laboratory for processing. The time to complete the testing once a sample reaches the DNA testing lab is usually about three to five days. Sequential is the premiere source for DNA testing solutions. Schedule an appointment now online at *Alternatively, it is possible to test samples other than cheek swab samples. Non-standard samples require chain of custody paper and involve an additional fee.



DNA paternity testing is based on the fact that each person’s unique genetic blueprint is stored in material known as DNA. This DNA determines everything about us as human beings and is largely the same for all people. However, small differences in DNA between people determine each of our unique characteristics, including traits like eye color and blood type. There are also DNA differences that have no biological purpose, but which are useful for differentiating between or identifying people. Genetic markers for identity applications like paternity testing or forensic identification use these types of non-functional genetic differences. One type of such markers are called Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) because they have varying numbers of repeated segments of DNA. Another type are called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (or SNPs) because they have a variation in only a sing DNA base.


Paternity testing uses DNA that is found in every human cell in order to determine if someone is the parent of a child. Because each of us was born with unique DNA structures that were given to us by our parents, the resulting DNA will reflect both of our parents’ DNA. To determine a father’s identity, the DNA from the mother, child, and presumed father must all be compared. When enough pieces match, paternity can be determined to an almost certain degree.


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Dermatologist at Work

Sequential’s best-in-class, cutting edge technology for testing and maintaining drug-free workforces.

Sequential reduces program costs, incorporates a paperless process and automates compliance management.

Employer Drug Testing Solution  –  Online Store –   Sequential Formfox

Popular lab tests

  • Urine test

  • Saliva test

  • EtG/EtS Alcohol test

  • Steroids test

  • Laboratory-Based Drug and Alcohol Testing    Instant (On-Site) Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Urine Specimen

  • Standard Urine Testing – Drug and Alcohol

  • Expanded Opiate Testing (Oxycodone)

  • Ecstasy Testing

  • Healthcare Professional Panel

  • Hair Specimen

  • Oral Fluid Specimen

Employer Drug Testing Solution

Time is critical when you have a highly qualified candidate who is interviewing with multiple employers. You need drug tests that provide fast results so you can make an offer before your competitors do. But wouldn’t you also like:

  • Less paperwork?

  • Automatic instructions to the donor their test?

  • Easy tracking of when and where donors are in the testing process?

Sequential Management Group delivers all of these benefits and more. Our high-tech, automated programs have made us one of the industry’s leading Third Party Administrator (TPA). We’ve changed the way businesses handle drug screens. We’ll help your company, too. You’ll reduce the costs of your drug screen program. You’ll automate your program compliance. And you’ll have the option to receive the results of negative drug screens within 15 minutes of their completion.Sequential’s unique suite of products and services will positively impact your workplace drug testing program.

Your benefits will include:

  • Paperless Efficiency

  • Web-based software and cutting-edge technology couple with HR information systems to create a paperless hiring program that is both fast and efficient.

  • Paperless Drugs-of-Abuse Screening 

Rely on Sequential’s clinic partners for collections. Sequential has partnered with thousands of occupational health clinics across the country (as well as emergency rooms, hospitals and urgent care centers) to form the Sequential Occupational Health Testing Network. We have trained and certified these partner clinics to use our computerized drugs-of-abuse screening system—so their clinicians know the exact steps necessary to help you maintain a drug-free workplace. Our automated system guides clinic staff in a step-by-step process that ensures secure and confidential employee drug testing collections.

Our Sequential formfox  system directs our clinic partners in completing:

  • Rapid, lab-based urine collections.

  • Breath alcohol collections.

  • Physical examinations.

One significant difference between our system and those of our competitors is our certified collectors and examiner are ready and willing to go above and beyond distance—the industry’s first  and only TPA’s computerized drug-screening technology. Our paperless drug test system also allows for rapid drug screens.

Sequential Formfox

Sequential formfox’s web-based, protocol-driven software program allows clinics to perform consistent, efficient employee drug testing collections at every site. Plus, our high-tech system helps prevent collector mistakes and incorporates customer-specific processes so clinic staff perform the proper tests and follow the correct exception procedures. We start the process with an electronic chain of custody (formfox). This feature eliminates the expense and delays typically associated with incomplete paper forms and the faxing/mailing of paper chain of custodys.Our instrumented rapid drug screening technology gives you negative test results within 15 minutes of test completion. You’ll be able to hire job applicants quickly—before your competition can.

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