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Sequential instructs employers exactly how and where to invest in wellness for a better investment return. Sequential conducts and develops employee surveys and as well as medical screenings to give employers and employees a clear medical health risks review and concerns.

Our health risk assessment is designed to identify individuals and employees who could benefit from targeted health promotion programs or appropriate interventions, thus helping them become aware of the risks of their unhealthy habits and motivating them to change. Health risk assessment can also be used to track the progress of members who have taken steps to change their behavior.

Sequential delivers on site health screening, flu shots and educational materials for early detection of preventable health risks. Your employees are much more likely to get this valuable information if they don’t have far to go to do to be screen. Screening options include cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, bone density, vision, body composition analysis. 


Team challenges are a cost effective apporach to improving the overall health of your workforce. Challenges build teamwork and morale-while encouraging healthy lifestyle habits. Well organized programs with incentives enable your organization to motivate large numbers of employees to adopt positive health habits, while fostering improved communication within your organization. 

Why should your company offer a worksite wellness program?

   “Medical costs can consume 50% of a companies profits”

  •  Lower Health Care Costs

  •  Reduced Absenteeism

  •  Higher Productivity

  •  Reduced use of Health Care Benefits

  •  Reduced Worker’s Comp/Disability

  •  Reduced Injuries

  •  Increased Morale and Loyalty

  •  Sequential’s Worksite Wellness Program Works!

Paramedical Examination 

A Sequential professional paramedical examiner conducts a personal interview with the applicant to obtain the applicant’s medical history, record the applicant’s height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. Exams may also include collecting a blood sample, a urine specimen, oral fluid (saliva), and an electrocardiogram (EKG), depending on insurance company requirements.  The information collected allows the insurance company to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s previous and current health.

Call our exclusive North Western Mutual Financial Representative to help naviagate you to success with your life insurance and financial benefits:

Mr. Washington 770.612.4685 or 404.964.2117

Medical Review Officer Services

Medical Review Officer Services is a Federal Requirement for all D.O.T. regulated drug-testing programs, and strongly recommended for all non-D.O.T. positive test results by every authority in the industry.  A Medical Review Officer is a licensed physician who has specialized in substance abuse disorders and is certified to perform drug testing medical reviews.  The MRO will review all cases in which donors test positive to rule out the legitimate medical explanation for the presence of drugs in their tests.  The MRO services should be incorporated into every Drug Testing Program for your company’s protection as well as for its legal liability.  Doctors Review Service of New York is the Medical Review Officer for Sequential Management Group.

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